Tigerhawk commits to be a Digital Ambassador for local communities.

Tigerhawk Technologies is a locally owned IT Company specializing in full-service technical support for small and medium businesses.  Our experienced IT Specialists assist with technical needs on a daily basis.  92% of jobs in the US require some level of digital literacy.  While one-third of the working age Americans possess limited digital skills.  One in six are unable to use email, web search, or other basic online tools.

Our goal is to aide community members in understanding and implementing technology.  We will strive to close the digital divide and not leave anyone behind by offering free tech advice.

This includes:

  • Beginner computer skills, like how to turn on and off your computer.  Connect to wireless and the basics of internet browsing.
  • What are all the plugs on the computer and how do I hook it up?
  • Assistance with setting up and understanding basic email like Gmail.
  • Help setting up social media and best practices.
  • Assistance with online resume builders and access web sites for job applications.
  • Assistance in setting up Digital Healthcare devices.
  • Cyber security advice and best practices.  Help with pop ups and phishing emails.
  • Access to free or reduced cost internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

We look forward to assisting members of our community through one-on-one assistance, partnering with local organizations and area businesses.  For more information, please contact us at Tigerhawk.

Thank you,

JR Bareis
Tigerhawk Technologies
Quincy: (217) 617-4159
Hannibal: (573) 221-8872
Toll Free: TIGERHAWK1 or (844) 374-2951