Tech support for real life

Tigerhawk’s home-tech is a solution for your family’s tech needs
Unlimited remote and in-store support

home-tech covers:

Virus / Malware removal
System cleanups
Performance tune-ups
Operating System reloads

Smartphone / Tablet:
Help with apps
Email assistance
Securing devices

Smart TV:
Help with apps
Setting up

ServiceTypical Pricehome-tech
Virus / Malware / Spyware Removal$50 – $100Covered
Performance Cleanup / Tune-up$50 – $100Covered
Service Repairs$50 – $100Covered
Operating System Reloads$80 – $130Covered
Software Installation$50 – $100Covered
Hardware Diagnostics$50 – $100Covered
Hardware Installation$50 – $100Covered
Troubleshoot / Configure Internet$55 – $110Covered
Remote Support$20 – $80Covered
Email / Social Media Assistance$20 – $80Covered
TV Setup / Configuration$55 – $110Covered
iPad App Support$50 – $100Covered